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Big Data

We can gather all the landing page and keyword data from your Search Console account allowing you to make better use of it.

A typical, medium-sized e-commerce site can expect up to 100k keywords, organised across your landing pages (we have household name brands with 1-million+ keywords).

Scale Analysis

Built for SEOs by SEOs. We have tools baked in to make analysis both accessible and actionable!

We've built a tool that doesn't just show you data; it allows you to do something with it. An end-to-end solution.

Test Changes

Show clients or your board the effects of your site changes and optimisations. You'll never forget a change again, and you'll understand the real impact.

Quickly identify performance gains or losses and keep a library of tests to share across your clients or team members.

Keyword Cannibalisation

Keyword Cannibalisation can be tricky and time-consuming to identify.

We scale this process, for you, across all of your site's pages and queries.

On-page Analysis

Check thousands of keywords across common on-page elements in seconds with our on-page analysis tools.

We do the heavy lifting so you can do your analysis.

Topic & Keyword Research

If you need to fill-in-the-gaps or deep-dive on a topic, our keyword research tool will be a huge time-saver.

Add your chosen keywords to a Content Brief with a click of a button.

Cannibalisation at Scale

We provide the only solution to provide identification of keyword cannibalisation, at scale.

Quickly identify and fix cannibalisation issues with Ontail.

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Content Brief Builder

The Content Builder lets you turn keywords into actions.

Build content briefs for writers and never lose track of changes made.

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Benchmark Testing

Run experiments over a select period or A/B test URL Groups. We crunch the numbers to give you insights not possible anywhere else.

Watch your experiments updating on a daily basis to make informed decisions.

Results include Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Avg. Position, Keywords, URLs, First Place Rankings, Top 10 Rankings, Outside Top 10 Rankings

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Metrics at a Glance

See all your most important metrics at a glance.

Data is available up to 16 months at a click of a button.

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Onpage Analysis

Our on-page analysis tool is a game changer; click a button when analysing a landing page and we will check every keyword across crucial page elements.

This makes site analysis and performance changes quick, simple and scalable.

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What people are saying...

Matthew Kay -

"The cannibalisation tool is an integral part of our workflow. There's nothing out there that can do what Ontail does."

Craig Broadbent -

"The keyword data provides us with granular insights which we use to optimise our clients' sites."

Barry Adams -

"Ontail bypasses the limitations of Search Console's reporting and allows for real in-depth site analysis at a glance. Highly recommended."

Paddy Moogan -

"We love Ontail because it makes Search Console data far more actionable and allows us to spot technical SEO problems far quicker than the standard interface, we'd highly recommend it to business owners, in-house teams and agencies who work on technical SEO improvements to their websites."

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